When we see something we are phobic of, our Amygdala becomes aware of a potential threat to our survival and starts to activates the alarm response. Our Amygdala is constantly monitoring all stimuli looking for potential threats, well before we are consciously aware of it ourselves.

The conscious part of our brain receives the information that our senses are giving it after it has been experienced by the Amygdala. This information is then compared to the information that already exists within your brain that comes from your personal experiences.

Your brain starts to decide if there is a threat to your safety and trigger your alarm response if necessary and you become anxious and fearful.  This is why your anxiety and phobia seems to surface out of the blue and why people can have a phobia for irrational things. The primal part of your brain is causing you to react well before your conscious, rational brain has had the time to analyse the fear.

If you experience a high enough negative emotional response to a situation, an event or an object, you will automatically programme your Amygdala to cause you to experience those same emotions when it picks up the same stimuli in the future. Because your Amygdala is causing you to react to something before you are consciously aware of it, you are not able to rationalise that event and have an objective, logical view of what is going on.

Through NLP Fast Phobia Cure we will together re-program your mind (your Amugdala). You programmed your Amygdala once, but you can programme it again. And this time we we are programming it in a positive way.

This arrangement may suit people who would like to resolve phobias as this is a very specific problem and usually only takes one session.