We use the conscious part for thinking. The unconscious part on the other hand happens out of our awareness. NLP is all about creating rapport between the conscious and the unconscious parts of the brain. Sometimes we need to communicate with the unconscious mind in order to assist in the change process of someone. This is what NLP enables us to do.

This decision to make the effort to lose weight takes part in the conscious. Later when we get a craving and fall back into our old patterns, it is the unconscious which has kicked in. The force from the unconscious wins over the force from our conscious thoughts.

NLP offers many easy ways to lose weight, such as help with gaining good habits, overcoming compulsions or bad habits, creating well-formed outcomes and staying motivated. All on an unconscious level, allowing it to become an effortless way of living.

We will be combining different NLP exercises together to help you achieve your goal and start living a healthier life.

And remember, we’re in this together.