Clients Results

When i booked my sessions with jasmin, i had everything. my job, great salary, great friends all around the world, and i have never problem with guys. But i was deeply depressed which has been for years. I even was on anti-depressive. Everyone was telling me that i had everything that you should have to call Amazing life, and was questioning why I was still depressed. after my first session, jasmin made me realise that my picture of a successful life-my dream life, my blueprint of what MY life should be, didn’t match what I had and was living. I was living other peoples blueprint of what a great life looks like and i was achieving things that other thought was right. That’s why i was in pain and depressed. From there, she helped me change my blueprint to something i can get. I learned that i have two choses: change my life to my blueprint or change my blueprint. I’m deeply grateful for every second with Jasmin.
Noah Piden
I had a goal for a decade and still couldn’t achieve it. i chose to book coaching sessions because it seemed that every time i got motivated, it could last for maximum a week, and then i was back with no motivation and no desire at all. I was lucky to have the chance to get my meetings with her in Sydney (during her stay there). Jasmin made me understand what was i was doing wrong and gave me three things two follow that would help me to act differently toward my success. and what i like with her sessions, she goes straight to point. she doesn’t take overtime with some unnecessary crap. she gave me the tools straight away.
J.D Thomas
This was exactly what I was looking for. someone who is fast forward. We talked about what I need to change and showed me that it has to be my new lifestyle. not one time thing. I got 3 sessions and now we have WhatsApp contact of how my process is going... for free. I feel like a have a friend with knowledge and support 24h.
Jasmin was able to help me work on myself internally so that I could reflect it on the outside. Through her sessions, I was able to retrain my mind and develop my own daily ritual that would benefit my mind and body and I felt my life beginning to shift. We worked In five sessions and even when i felt stuck, I was provided with the tools to continue moving forward. Today, I feel like I am the creator of my own life. I would definitely recommend Jasmin's life coaching services.
Sara Nas Alagic
Account Manager
My decision to seek a life coach was because of my lack of confidence in my new job. She taught me how to think differently about things in my life I perceived as problems – how to reframe a situation and remain calm during anxiety. And a valuable things she helped me with was my breathing and meditation. With my confidence growing and the new ability to see events with a positive outlook, I have immediately noticed that people are responding better to me. I would highly recommend Jasmin if you need a change in life.
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Samira Nasrol
Hairdresser (Owner of a hair salong)
Jasmin helped me tap into my inner strength and defuse negative self-talk. I have gained clarity of my priorities be more assertive and to better take care of myself.
I absolutely recommend Jasmin's coaching services! Her unique combination of introspection and visualization exercises has helped me a lot. Like she says, it's very simple but not easy. It was a very empowering yet low-pressure experience. With help of Jasmin, I was able to define my goals more specific and I felt much more confident during my interviews. And within a few weeks, I landed a great position which a truly love.
Viktor Spiekermann