Jasmin is a certified coach, entrepreneur and holding a position as Managing Director for US & Spain in the family business. During her life, Jasmin has always functioned as the person friends and family would turn to for guidance and motivational talks. Naturally finding herself in this role, Jasmin began a career as a job coach in Stockholm, after studying Leadership & Personal Growth. She realised her passion for sharing her experience and helping people to overcome limiting beliefs. Since childhood, she always followed the mentality; If others can, I can. And if I am the smartest in my group, I need to change group. She therefore spent most of her time around successful role models, reading spiritual books, biographies and studied the science of the mind.

"I have been blessed to find idols and mentors in every area of my life and I have never been shy about asking for wisdom from others". 

As an NLP Coach I work with the structure of the mind. By working with these structures I will help you shift and show you how gain control of your own mind.”

Jasmin is a certified NLP Practitioner with a diploma from

  • NLP Practitioner UK
  • NLP Master Practitioner UK

Her vision is improve as many lives as possible using NLP and to contribute through the tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Because of her family business, Jasmin is based and works from California, Stockholm and Barcelona. Apart from her jobs, she spends a lot of her time at the gym and surfing.